The Composite Ocular Blood Flow Analyzer

When cleared by the FDA, OcuFLOW’s Composite Ocular Blood Flow Analyzer (COBFA) will be inexpensive, noninvasive and will measure the ocular blood flow in each eye within a matter of seconds. The technology is capable of quantitatively measuring composite pulsatile blood flow within the eye including both choroidal blood flow and retinal blood flow. Other techniques just measure retinal blood flow. The OcuFLOW-COBFA is the only current technology for measuring all elements of ocular blood flow, and will be a tremendous resource for clinicians as they evaluate appropriate treatment and management options for patients with glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and age-related macular degeneration.

The Composite Ocular Blood Flow Analyzer uses the basic principles of pneumotonometry but takes the analysis much further. Changes in the volumetric size of the eye occur with each pulse of blood. But these changes are so small humans don’t see or feel the changes. To accurately detect and trace these minute changes requires a device with a high level of sensitivity. The COBFA uses the eye’s tear to easily adhere the probe to the eye. Equilibrium is achieved virtually immediately, so the entire process takes only a few seconds. From there the data are analyzed producing a variety of results to give the clinician more information to use in evaluating treatment options.


Our product is based on 40 years of research and development begun by Maurice Langham, PhD, Director of Research at Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute. Dr. Langham was a scientific visionary. During his lifetime, Dr. Langham licensed his innovations to companies whom inadequately improved earlier devices, and whose patents have subsequently expired. OcuFLOW’s patented innovations have remedied past deficiencies. Now, with a competent and comprehensive team in place, his vision is soon to become a long-standing reality.

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The OcuFLOW Composite Ocular Blood Flow Analyzer is a premarket medical device and has not been cleared by the FDA. The information contained herein is for investor and scientific investigational research use only.