Ocular Blood Flow

To best understand the Composite Ocular Blood Flow Analyzer (COBFA), it’s important to understand the circulatory system as it relates to ocular blood flow. The purpose of the circulatory system is to deliver oxygen and nutrients to tissues and cells, and the subsequent removal of metabolic waste. The heart facilitates this process by continuously pumping blood through the arterial vessels to flow through (perfused) into the tissues, the recapture the blood into the venous vessels and re-circulated back to the heart.

A delicate balance between pressure (the force pushing the blood) and the flow (volume) of the blood must be maintained. If the pressure is too great, the volume of blood will constrict the smaller vessels reducing actual blood flow and ultimately damage the vessels. If the pressure is too low, there is insufficient blood flow to remove the metabolic waste and the tissue cells will act as a sand filter trapping this waste. The body is preprogrammed to auto regulate this balance but other factors exist that can overwhelm this ability such as reduced elasticity of the vessel walls, obstructions inside the vessels, increase in viscosity of the blood itself, etc.


Within the eye, monitoring pressure change, via tonometers, has been the only easy and inexpensive mechanism to get any information on the circulation process within the eye. However, these readings are static only. Because of its globe like structure, the eye provides a unique opportunity in the body to be able to externally monitor both pressure and volume. As the blood enters the eye it is distributed around the eye in a mesh like web of blood vessels. The pulsing of the blood through these vessels causes the volume of the eye to literally expands and contract with each pulse.

Measuring this change can be resolved into a variety of results reflecting pressures and volume of ocular blood flow. Periodic monitoring of these flows over time can give clinicians the information they need to adjust treatments. This is the function of OcuFLOW’s COBFA device.

The OcuFLOW Composite Ocular Blood Flow Analyzer is a premarket medical device and has not been cleared by the FDA. The information contained herein is for investor and scientific investigational research use only.